Important message to providers of field instrument devices

From January 1st 2021 it is mandatory to submit FDI packages for any new device that shall be submitted to FieldComm Group, FCG, for registration. Fint offers development assistance.

FDI solves the problem of integrating field devices with the multitude of networks, operating systems, and control systems used in the process industries.

The first step to use the data created by intelligent field devices and turn it into actionable information is to simplify the procedures needed to access field device information by higher-level control or host systems.

These procedures, known as integration, must be completed to assure proper field device management by the host including device configuration, replacement, maintenance, and diagnostics. These are standardized and made usable across all systems.

The FDI Device Package is the core component of an FDI enabled system. An FDI Device Package is a single file that includes drivers, interfaces, certificates and documentation.


FDI is endorsed by leading end user groups like NAMUR and supported by all major automation system technologies including FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART, Profibus and OPC. FDI is making it easier for automation suppliers to develop and integrate intelligent devices.


Fint offers FDI Device Package development, including User Interface Plug-in (UIP). Fint also offers to convert DDs(EDDs) to FDI in order to facilitate integration of existing  instruments with FDI enabled hosts.