Fieldbus International AS

Fint has a team of experienced HW and SW designers, that always focus on making the optimal fieldbus connectivity solution for instrument vendors

Fieldbus International AS, Fint, provides fieldbus network products and services to vendors and users in the process control and offshore industry. Fint specializes on products based on the Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, HART and WirelessHART technology. Fint also supplies its patented, high-speed fieldbus I/O system for Hazardous environments.Fint supplies standard as well as customized solutions. Fint always try to find the less expensive road  into the fieldbus arena. Flexibility and customer’s satisfaction is the company’s slogan.


Fint was established in 1993 when the founder and CEO, Halvor Landet, decided to leave the Norwegian research organisation, SINTEF, and began commercializing 7 years of research and standardization work within fieldbus technology. The Norwegian Research Council and the world leading oil companies BP and Esso backed the initiative.


Fint is an independent, privately owned company.

The major shareholders are:

Halvor Landet, Leiv Eiriksson Nyskapning, Tore Manshaus, Hood Invest and the employees.


Fint is located at Ullern Alle 28 in Oslo, conveniently accessible by the airport bus, car (Ring 3) and subway (Line 2). In the neighborhood is NEMKO, an accredited test laboratory, used for EMC and IS testing and certification.


Halvor Landet, CEO, Master of Science, from NTNU, Trondheim, Norway, Department of Engineering Cybernetics. He founded Fint in 1993. Arne Tyssö, Marketing and Sales Manager, from NTNU, Department of Cybernetics. He has long term experience in management of companies in the control and automation business as well as in electronics.

Jörgen Norendal, Hardware Development Manager, Cand. Scient from University of Oslo, Department of Physics. He has 25 years of experience within digital electronic design.