Starter kit

The Starter kit is intended for Profibus PA transmitter developers. The kit comprises a PC program, providing the human interface, an FNL fieldbus link, a Segment coupler and a Profibus device, a circuit board. The communication between the Profibus module and the target instrument is based on Modbus RTU. The Profibus module will operate as a Master for the internal communication. The tool is suited for learning the Profibus PA protocol and to provide guidance for an instrument vendor that shall specify Profibus functionality in own products.


Fint offers a family of built-in modules for instruments and controlling devices. These modules offer connectivity between existing instruments with HART® and Modbus® interfaces and Profibus DP and PA. They are suitable for instrument manufacturers wishing to upgrade existing devices with Profibus connectivity in order to extend the market for their existing products. Fint also offers customised firmware and/or hardware solutions.

DIN Rail mounted gateways

Fint offers a family of DIN rail mounted Profibus DP and PA gateways for measurement, detector and analyzer devices with HART® and Modbus® RTU interfaces. They are suitable for system intergators wishing to incorporate legacy equipment into their designs and instrument manufacturers wishing to extend their market for existing products. EX versions are under development