ST28, Starter kit for T280

ST28, Starter kit for T280

ST28 is a tutorial kit for HART transmitter developers and users.

ST28 comprises a PC program, providing the human interface and a transmitter circuit board (T280). A bridge sensor may be connected directly to T280. To connect other sensor types may require development of additional front-end electronics.

ST28 is a tool suited for learning the HART protocol and to provide guidance for an instrument vendor that shall specify HART functionality in own products.

The Starter kit Master software is the SW02, running under any version of Windows. The kit may contain one, five or ten transmitter boards. See below for the different options available. The software will instruct the user in how to use the HART protocol and commands. The user learns about the functionality provided by the HART Universal and Common Practice commands through extensive “help” menus.

The software functionality exceeds the Universal and Common Practice commands defined by HART. Device specific commands are utilized. These allow a vendor to fully exploit the HART protocol by adding functionality and thus get an idea of implementation opportunities.

The T280 is a transmitter board. In order to connect it to a physical sensor, the user may need to develop specific front-end electronics. The T280 may provide power to the front-end.

T280 comes with a 24 bit A/D converter. The circuit board comprises a Texas MSP430 µcontroller, which runs the protocol and the application. The input voltage range is programmable up to 1.25 V.

ST28 requires a HART modem. If required it may be ordered as an option to the ST28 package.

ST 28 is a tool for HART slave device developers and for later use in connection with factory configuration of the developed device.

T280 features:

  • Two channels w/ 24 bit resolution (sigma-delta A/D)
  • 512 bytes for programmable non-volatile configuration memory
  • 3.3 V regulated supply
  • Reference voltages at 1.25 V
  • Programmable Constant current source to feed an external measuring bridge (up to 4 mA)
  • Programmable gain in ADC

Starter kit options:

ST28.1: One T280 and the Windows Master program, SW02

ST28.2: Five T280s including SW02

ST28.3: Ten T280s including SW02

The Starter kits allow a fast and direct route to field trials and market-ready HART products.