ST81, Starter and development kit for WirelessHART

ST81, Starter and development kit for WirelessHART

ST81 is a tutorial kit for WirelessHART developers.

It comprises PC tools, WirelessHART interface cards, T810, and you may choose among different gateways like the Emerson and the Phoenix or the the Dust/Linear WirelessHART Manager .
Instruments having Modbus RTU can be connected to the T810s to allow communication over the WirelessHART network.

The Starter kit includes a Master software, the SW02, running under all versions of Windows, demonstrating all features of HART and Wireless HART

The software functionality exceeds Universal and Common Practice commands defined by HART, also utilizing device specific commands. These allow a vendor to fully exploit the HART protocol by adding functionality and thus get an idea of implementation opportunities.

The T810 is a built-in board. It supports the Modbus CMOS protocol (with adaptive logical level) for communication with the instrument. The Modbus communication needs to be configured to allow T810 to fetch Device Variables and Device Status from the correct registers within the instrument. The Primary Variable and three more dynamic variables can be mapped to any Device Variable by use of HART commands.

A simulation mode allows T810 to publish data even though no Modbus instrument is connected. ST81 is suited for testing T810, and it provides an entry-level platform and guidance for intrument vendors seeking WirelessHART functionality in their products.