SWT2MS HART Master protocol stack

Fint  supplies HART 7.x  Master Stacks for embedded applications. If you plan to  develop  a HART interface,  Fint offers you to choose among various options in Fint’s HART software portfolio to fulfil your mission.

Fint has also available testing tools and basic HART hardware design that can be utilized in a HART development project.

The Master Stack  7.x is tested and used for the M16c. The stack is also available for other platforms. Porting of the stack is a straightforward task and may be done by the customer or by Fint. In the latter case Fint needs to receive the relevant microcontroller with compiler and testing tools.

The stack is not written for context switching or for re-entrant applications. Fint can take on making the required modifications to obtain these capabilities.

The code is written in ANSI –C.

It is supplied with a reference manual and example code.

The protocol software is sold as a one-time buy-out license and is available in two different versions.

The different versions support the following functionalities:

a) Basic 7.x – SWT2MS3000_99_10_04

  • Support for any HART command
    • Universal
    • Common Practice
    • Device Specific
  • Burst Mode
  • MultiDrop Mode

b) Comprehensive 7.x – SWT2MS3000_99_10_05

  • All of a)
  • Extended Polling Address Range
  • Extended Command Numbers
  • Delayed Respons

Requirements to target.

The HART Master stack will require a timer tick at least each 4 ms in order to have the right resolution on the protocol timers.

The stack is designed for a built-in UART.