T210, Modbus RTU to HART converter

T210, Modbus RTU to HART converter

T210 is an OEM built-in module for converting Modbus RTU based instruments to HART

General description:

  • HART slave OEM module for built-in application
  • Provides HARTability to Modbus transmitters
  • Modbus connection options are RS485, RS232 or CMOS.
  • Connects to the 4-20 mA line in the same manner as a handheld communicator
  • T210 supports HART 5 Universal commands and selected Common Practice commands.
  • T210 supports Device Specific commands on request.
  • T210 is compliant with the HART 5.8 standard.
  • T210 supports HART burst mode and multidrop communication
  • Small dimensions, 50 mm by 50 mm
  • Flash programmable

T210 is an OEM board designed for integration in 4-20 mA instruments with a Modbus RTU output. It allows upgrade of 4-20mA instruments to HART. It supports RS 232, RS 485 or a CMOS UART on the instrument interface.

T210 communicates on a serial line supporting the Modbus protocol. It reads four variables  from the instrument. Calibration and parameter set-up capabilities may require additional programming. The T210 module can be adapted and customized to meet user specific requirements.

T210 does not control the loop-current. The main instrument is supposed to do that. T210 connects capacitively to the loop. If the loop-current must be controlled in order to do loop testing or 4-20 mA trimming through a HART command, this can be achieved by adding the required support on the internal communication line between the T210 and the instrument.

T210 supports HART Universal Commands. If required, it may support additional Common Practice and Device Specific Commands.

T210 application possibilities:

  • Gas detectors
  • Analysers
  • Positioners
  • Any smart instrument with Modbus protocol and 4-20mA current loop output.

T210 specifications:

  • Mechanical size 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Mounting: four 3 mm screws
  • Operating temperature range -40 C to + 85 C
  • Input supply voltage range 6-30 Vdc
  • Line over voltage protection 39V
  • The HART Universal and Common Practice commands

HART Commands included:

  • All Universal Commands
  • Read variables
  • Read and write TAG name
  • Read range values and sensor limits
  • Read and write user massages and date
  • Selection of engineering units
  • Burst mode control

Device Specific Commands are included for factory set-up. To operate on these commands the user needs the HART Master program SW02. There are commands for setting addresses, serial numbers and sensor limits.

The Starter kit ST21 contains the required set-up  tools for T210