T310, Modbus RTU to HART converter

T310, Modbus RTU to HART converter

DIN rail mounted gateway for connecting Modbus RTU  instruments to a HART network

The T310 is a three-wire DIN rail mounted module for interfacing Modbus transmitters to a HART network. The T310 is a complete transmitter module; it generates a Primary Variable (PV) including a status variable based on the Modbus signal. The Status variable indicates the quality of the PV. In addition to the PV, the T310 may transfer three dynamic variables from the Modbus instrument. A variety of data formats can be interfaced such as Float, Integer, Long and Short. The Primary Variable (PV) is continuously read and updated for transmitting on the HART network.

T310 contains low-pass filtering functionality. The user can configure the damping value using a standard configuration tool.

The T310 communicates with the Modbus instrument through an RS485 communication line using the Modbus RTU protocol. The T310 may be customized to accommodate other specific protocols.

The T310 supports the HART Universal Commands and the most used Common Practice commands.

The T310 contains an active current source. The module is powered from instrument power 24 V and contains connections for power lines to the connected instrument.

The T310 has terminals for connection of a handheld configurator.

The terminals are pluggable screw terminals.

Fint also provides gateways with tailored functionality.

Set-up of the T310 is done using a PC software tool, the SW02, purchased from Fint. SW02 is also monitoring tool. Modbus address, register addresses, data types etc can be configured. The T310 can be preconfigured at the factory with the settings required for your specific Modbus instrument.


The T310 is intended for integration of existing Modbus instruments into a HART network. It is intended for system integrators that are building HART based systems, and manufacturers who want to offer HART capabilities for their Modbus RTU instruments.