Modbus RTU to Profibus PA built-in converter

T410 Modbus RTU to Profibus PA built-in converter

The T410 reads the variables from the Modbus instrument and converts these to  dynamic variables on Profibus PA

Four AI Function Blocks are supported. The location of the Modbus registers and data type of the Modbus variable can be configured. Other Function blocks can be added on request. In order to communicate with a Modbus instrument the T410 includes a Modbus Master.

Two options are available for powering and galvanic isolation:

  1. The T410 comes with Galvanic isolation for instruments that are separately powered
  2. Power supply for the instrument (3.3Vdc).

Option 2 is only possible for low power consuming devices. The electrical interface should be CMOS.

Three physical interfaces are supported: CMOS UART, RS 232 and RS 485.

The following Profibus PA functionalities are supported:

  • Alarm handling
  • Low pass filtering
  • Unit conversion
  • Range specification
  • User calibration
  • Diagnostic information handling

The Operation Temperature Range is -40 °C – +85 °C, and the current draw is 14mA.

The T410 is a round card with 65 mm in diamter.


The T410 is intended to be integrated into Modbus instruments that shall be upgraded to interface to Profibus PA.