T500 HART to Profibus PA DIN rail mounted gateway

T500 HART to Profibus PA DIN rail mounted gateway

The T500 is DIN rail mounted module for interfacing HART instruments to a Profibus PA network. Both current sinking and current sourcing HART transmitters are supported.

The T500 is a complete transmitter module. It allows interfacing up to 4 HART instruments. It generates a measured variable including a status variable indicating the quality of the measurement.

The HART instruments must be preconfigured to multidrop and be given addresses in the
range 1 – 16. The T500 will automatically establish connection to the HART transmitter at power-up. When the
HART instrument is detected, key parameters are read from the instrument and will be visible on the Profibus side. The T500 will read Unit codes, sensor limits and range values from the HART transmitters. These values
will be available on Profibus from a Master Class two using DP V1.

In order to communicate with a HART instrument, the T500 includes a HART Master. The module reads the variables from the instrument and converts these to  dynamic variables on PA. Four AI Function Blocks are supported, one for each instrument. By reconfiguring the T500 it is possible to read four dynamic variables from one instrument. This application will require use of a configuration tool or the T500 can be ordered preconfigured from FINT.

The power draw from the PA bus is 13 mA. The HART instrument may be powered through the T500. T500 has a separate 24 V input for this.

The HART support is limited to the Universal commands. The T500 does not support configuration of the HART transmitter through Profibus.

The T500 generates one measured variable including a status variable indicating the quality of the
measurement for each HART transmitter. The Primary Variable (PV) will be continuously read and updated. Any HART communication problem will be reported in the PA Diagnostics message.

The T500 supports alarm flagging. The user can configure four alarm levels using a standard configuration tool.

The T500 supports low-pass filtering. The user can configure the damping value using a standard configuration tool.

Other Function blocks can be added on request. The HART slaves are supposed to work in multidrop mode.

The HART Universal command parameters are available from the PA side.

The T500 supports the Profibus PA profile 3.02.
No special programming is required to set up the device.


The T500 is intended for integration of existing HART instruments into a Profibus PA network. Examples are system integrators who are building Profibus based systems and manufacturers of measurement devices, detectors, and analysers who want to offer Profibus PA capabilities on their HART instruments.