built-in converter

T610_B Modbus® to FF built-in converter for actuators and positioners.

The T610_B  is a built-in module for interfacing Modbus control devices to a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network.

There are options for using RS485, RS232 or pure CMOS UART communication to the instrument. It is loop powered and is suited for a two-wire loop powered design.

It includes a Modbus master software enabling communication with a Modbus actuator/positioner. T610_B supports position setpoint, position feedback, five digital control signals and five digital feedback signals. The OEM user routes these signals to the appropriate Modbus addresses through a straightforward configuration.

The T610_B supports 2 AI, 1 AO, 1 PID, 5 DO and 5 DI Function Blocks. The software is tested for ITK 6.2.

If you need more functionality for instance other Function blocks, you should use the T610_C, and let Fint’s design team do the customization according to your particular specifications.


The T610_B is an OEM module intended for Modbus actuators/positioners that shall be upgraded to interface to FOUNDATION fieldbus.

Powering and galvanic isolation

The T610_B comes with:Galvanic isolation for separately powered instruments or power supply for the instrument (3.3Vdc) for loop powered applications.(only possible for low power consuming devices. The electrical interface should be CMOS).

T610_B  features:

  • Modbus configuration capabilities:
    • Communication parameters
    • Modbus address
    • Register addresses
  • Data type flexibility
  • Write protection of Modbus settings
  • Configuration of Modbus settings from any DD based configurator
  • Circuitry for EMC protection
  • Circuitry for IS protection


  1. Mechanical size: round card, 65 mm
  2. Mounting: three 3.0 mm screws
  3. Operating temperature range:  -40 C to + 85 C
  4. Loop current draw: 20 mA

Actuator/positioner interfacing options:

Galvanic isolation:

  • T610_B_01     RS 232 instrument interfacing
  • T610_B_02     CMOS instrument interfacing
  • T610_B_03     RS485 instrument interfacingInstrument power option:
  • T610_B_12             CMOS instrument interfacing

Electrical data

Prepared for EMC compatibility according to

EN 61000-4-3

EN 61000-4-4

EN 61000-4-5

EN 61000-4-6

Industrial environment

EN 55022

Light-industry environment