Rail mounted gateway

T700, HART to FOUNDATION DIN rail mounted gateway

The T700 is a complete transmitter module. It allows interfacing up to 4 HART instruments.

It generates a measured variable including a status variable indicating the quality of the measurement. Both current sinking and current sourcing HART transmitters are supported.

T700 includes a HART Master to communicate with HART instruments. The module reads the variables from the instrument and converts this to a dynamic variable on FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF). Four AI Function Blocks are supported. The T700 is tested against ITK 6.12. Other Function blocks can be added on request.

The Primary Variable (PV) will be continuously read and updated. Any HART communication problem will be reported in the FF XD Error alert.

Universal commands are supported.

The power draw from the FF bus is 13 mA.  The HART instruments are separately powered.

On command the T700 will scan the HART network for HART instruments. No configuration is required.

The HART instruments must be preconfigured to multidrop and be given addresses in the range 1 – 16. In this case the power draw is limited to 4 mA. The T700 will establish connection to the HART transmitter on network scan. When the HART instrument is detected, key parameters are read from the instrument and will be visible on the FF side. The T700 will read Unit codes, Sensor limits and Range values from the HART transmitters. These values will be available on FF from any Host system.

The T700 generates the measured variables including a status variable indicating the quality of the measurement.

The T700 supports alarm flagging in the module. The user can configure four alarm levels using a standard configuration tool.

The T700 supports low-pass filtering in the module. The user can configure the damping value using a standard configuration tool.

The T700 is programmed using any DD based Host system. No special configuration tool will be required.


The T700 is intended for integration of existing HART instruments into FOUNDATION Fieldbus network. It is intended for system integrators that are building Foundation Fieldbus based systems and manufacturers of measurement devices, detectors, and analysers who want to add FF functionality to their HART instruments.