T810, The WirelessHART adapter with Modbus RTU interface

T810, The WirelessHART adapter with Modbus RTU interface

The T810 is a built-in board. It supports the Modbus CMOS protocol (with adaptive logical level) for communication with the instrument.

The Modbus communication needs to be configured to allow T810 to fetch Device Variables and Device Status from the correct registers within the instrument. The Primary Variable and three more dynamic variables can be mapped to any Device Variable by use of HART commands.

T810 features: • 8 configurable Device Variables • 4 Dynamic Variables, PV, SV, TV and QV. • Dynamic Variables are mappable to Device Variables • FSK Maintenance port for configuration • Burst on Wireless channel • Event Notification on Wireless channel (status reporting) • Status Simulation • Configuration of Modbus communication.

T810 specifications: • Mechanical size 42mm x 42mm • Mounting option Four 3 mm screws • Mouning option 2.54 mm standard pin rows • Operating temperature range -40 *C to + 85 *C • Input supply voltage range 3-12 Vdc • The T810 can act as both an endpoint and a router, increasing the network reliability • The IEEE 802.15.4-certified radio operates on the 2.4 GHz global license-free band • RF certifications for FCC, IC, and CE • AES-128 bit encryption (certified NIST FIPS-197 compliant)

HART Commands included:

• All Universal Commands • Read variables • Read and write TAG name • Read range values and sensor limits • Read and write user massages and date • Common Practice Commands • Burst mode control • Event Notification control • Variable and status simulation • Device Specific Commands • Device Specific Commands for factory set-up

Device Specific Commands are included for factory set-up. To operate on these commands the user needs the HART Master program, SW02, available from Fint. These are commands for setting register addresses and Modbus settings.